Built to Last – There’s No Place Like Home

8 Mar

Consider the comforts of home. I don’t know about you, but I think of dozing by the fireplace, or the whole family packed around the kitchen table, or a long soak in a warm bath. Yeah, you too? Well, we’re in good company then.

When things are built to last, and to bring people together, and to help them wash away the stress of the day, those things bring joy beyond measure. An upgrade to your home doesn’t need to be in the thousands of square feet, it can be the addition of a fireplace in the family room; and a kitchen rennovation can entail adding a breakfast nook, or energy-saving appliances. Thinking smaller can actually be an advantage; it helps us keep the important things in mind, and families closer together.

Kitchen and Bath Rennovations

The face of things may have changed, yes, but the things that bring us comfort really haven’t. People have started to realize once again that things don’t need to be huge to make an impact. In fact, you tend to enjoy something all the more when it’s not too big, not too small, but  juuuuuust right.

So when you decide it’s time to do some updates to your home, think about what will be the most beneficial to the people in that home, and contact a licensed home improvement specialist or general contractor who can help you realize your dream. Explore the possibilities, take your whole family into consideration, and work with someone who builds things that are meant to last.


Art, grief and remembrance… Never forget

6 Feb

In the mid 1990’s a young art student was on her way to class. At Syracuse University the main thing that would hold her up from hustling to class was the snow. But in the few months when snow was not an issue it was an easy trip across the grassy quad. So when she stopped abruptly in her tracks, frozen where she was with no snow or ice in sight, it was because she had just walked into something unexpected and amazing. She started to cry almost instantly.

That was almost 20 years ago now, and what I had literally stumbled into is called Dark Elegy, by artist and mother, Suse Ellen Lowenstein. What I saw lay in front of me and around me, a few bodies clustered here, a few there, a body all alone, another, and another. When I walked through the space between them and looked upon their obvious pain I got lost in it with them. I am an artist, and so yes, art moves me, but I can say that no other sculptural work has ever had the effect on me that Dark Elegy has had. It haunted me – and it haunts me still.

Suse Ellen Lowenstein's Dark Elegy

Suse Ellen Lowenstein's Dark Elegy

The day I fell upon Dark Elegy I did not make it to class. I just could not walk away from it. And by the time it occurred to me that I had been on my way somewhere it was too late to show up. So I stayed. And I listened to the pain pour out of these figures, and I walked through the space they enveloped; they almost seemed to stretch theat space. My head began to swim and knew I had reached my threshold; I walked back to my dorm, back up to my room and layed down for a while. A long while…

In the following days I found out what Dark Elegy was and it bound me to the University like nothing else had – as a student, as an artist, as an American. It had been created in the 5-6 year span that followed the destruction of Pan Am flight 103 on December 21, 1988. The terrorist bombing killed everyone on board as well as 11 residents of Lockerbie, Scotland – 270 people, among them 35 Syracuse University students. One of them was Suse Ellen Lowenstein’s 21 year old son, Alexander.

Almost 20 years later, in the summer of 2011 I finally saw Dark Elegy again – at the home of its creator, where it awaits a permanent home of its own. It is not situated the same way as when I first experienced it. The women are not spaced over a large grassy area, with clusters and lone figures appearing as though they have just fallen there from some other world, some other existence. A visitor can not walk through the figures the way I did all those years ago, instead you walk around the group as a whole. It is a powerful and moving sight, and I urge people to visit this monumental work. You may even be lucky enough to talk with the artist herself and explore her other works. I sincerely hope that when a permanent home is found for Dark Elegy that it is placed as it was when I first experienced it. Until then it can be seen on Long Island, New York, and it is something every American should see.

If you are not familiar with the epic tragedy that began with the murder of 270 innocent people and continued through the release of convicted bomber al-Megrahi in 2009, and right on till today – then please click on these links and read on. Terrorism relies on ignorance and fear. Learn from the past, don’t hide from it. Recognize the ripples that course through our world till this very day.

True Blue…

5 Feb

Showing your team colors never looked so good.
Check out my fave find of the season!

The Giants rocked Superbowl 46 & I’m rockin this awesome bag…
Designed to show your team pride in style – Someone point me to the parade!

Best team accessory ever!
Best team accessory ever!

The Holiday Family Table

22 Nov

If you cook it, they will come…

Let me tell you, there’s no problem getting butts in the seats when my family cooks. But we are not content to get just your taste buds tingling, we are going to give your eyes a treat too. So what’s just as important as the turkey and gravy? Making your home and holiday table welcoming, unique and environmentally friendly…

Going green - Beautiful, home-made, eco-conscious centerpieces

We all know it’s super-trendy to go green, and oh yeah, it helps the environment and our communities too. So, there’s no better time to incorporate this movement into your holiday celebration.

Come on people, here’s your chance to get creative and wow your guests not only with your culinary skills, but with your crafty little ways as well. Here’s a beautiful example of a home-made centerpiece which is edible and locally cultivated.

The star of the piece is the artichoke, which will make a delicious stuffed artichoke dish in the days after the holiday (there are two of these beauties on the table, so you will definitely have enough for the whole family to enjoy.)

The flora came from picking wild flowers around the yard and in the neighborhood before they ended their cycle, and then drying them in bunches. There are also fresh herbs in there from the family herb garden; accenting the green of the artichoke. And pulling it all together are the surrounding fruits; the orange persimmons and the red pomegranate – which will be enjoyed with dessert later on – Mangia bene, vivi felice!

The Changing lives of Veterans… in their words, through their art. This Veterans Day take a look through their eyes…

11 Nov

Veterans Day is only a few hours away and what I want to share the most right now are a few images and links that will take you to the most powerful documentaryart movement, combat project and writing project that I have seen in some time.

As an artist and writer I am moved by images and words, especially those that come from a place of previous silence and deep struggle. These are not things that are easy to see and hear, but then again the important things usually aren’t easy. I have just seen a remarkable movie, made by a talented woman, Sara Neeson, and featuring a courageous U.S. Veteran, Robynn Murray.

Not only is the movie Poster Girl a voice for Robynn and other veterans, but watching these combat veterans find their art through a search for a way to heal is at the heart of what art is. If you let it, art can be catharsis.

This Veterans Day check out these pages and find out what is happening to the veterans of this generation… The people your age, your children’s age. Listen to their words and look into their eyes. They have something really important to say, and many more people need to pay attention… I’m glad I’ve got yours for the moment, please click on…

Warrior Writers:

Combat Paper Project:

The season is upon us and G’licious Goodies are here!

2 Nov

How do these words strike you?


Mmmm…Sounds good, yes? Well, with Thanksgiving, family & friend get-togethers, office parties and the major gift-giving season right around the corner this is one name you’ll want to remember: g’licious goodies.

Some words from the food artist at g’licious goodies…

Homemade 100% natural jellies, jams and goodies!
Made from the heart, from my kitchen to yours…
These jams, butters, spreads & other goodies are low in sugar,
made using the best organic ingredients (some from my very own garden!) and
are full of great taste. All products are made using locally grown and sustainable
products as often as possible.

Sterilized and water-bath processed for a shelf-life of up to one year; once opened keep refrigerated. I am happy to accept custom orders so if you have a craving for something unique and made especially for you, just call or
email and ask for it… and don’t forget to inquire about event gifts too!
Contact info: 516- 308-1778 or glicious.goodies@gmail.com

The Painted Bra Project – A “Think Pink” Awareness Project and Facebook Auction

6 Oct

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - The Painted Bra Project on Facebook     Artists + paint + a bra = BRAsterpieces

Artists are donating their artwork to an online auction geared
towards raising awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and The Painted Bra Project
has drawn in hundreds of artistic creations from all over the nation.
One of these BRAsterpiece, “Monroe Pop” was created by Amie Giordano
and it is available right now to view and to Like on Facebook! And if
you love her, please bid on her when the auction begins on October 14th.
She’s the original Blonde Bombshell, she’s a 36C and she glows in the dark!

The online auction via Facebook will start Friday, October 14th and end Saturday, October 22nd 2011. To find “Monroe Pop” by Amie Giordano just look in the BRAsterpieces Album 2, she’s #100! Like her today and Bid on her at auction time… Keep on spreading hope for a cancer free world.